Outdoor Fun Camping Activities

It’s good to relax at the campsite, but it’s even better to explore new places. Depending on where you are, there are a bunch of camping activities you can do. You’ll want to check with the campground ahead of time so you’re ready.

Horseback riding along the shoreline

You can’t beat the peaceful feeling of horseback riding with the gentle rhythm of ocean waves. This activity isn’t available in all campgrounds, but make sure to take advantage of the ones that do.

Try a Scavenger Hunt

Get into the scavenger hunt spirit before it gets dark: Make a list of things to find — like flowers, leaves, or plants — and bottle caps, hide marshmallows, and marbles all over your campsite.

Ride a bike

How about a bike ride around the area you’re camping in? Put your pedaling shoes on and go for a ride. No matter what kind of bike you prefer, most campgrounds support both. Make sure to ask about mountain biking trails.

Bird Watching

Morning songbirds wake you up with their songs, but do you know what they look like? Take your bird identification book out for a walk, and find out who those birds are.

Go for a Hike

Try singing or talking while hiking so you don’t surprise any unsuspecting wildlife. They’ll leave you alone if they know you’re coming. Just make sure everyone uses the buddy system, even for short walks to the bathroom.


A day spent splashing in the water at your campground is the best. You can rent kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats at most water-friendly campgrounds so you’ll be able to get out and come back before dinner.


The most relaxing activity you can do while camping is fishing. Take your fishing poles, or just go out with your family and enjoy the fun.